We are a physician-lead, multidisciplinary team that focuses exclusively on behavioral pediatrics in Statesboro, GA.  Our office is located at 406 Savannah Ave. Statesboro, GA.  Regular office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Our office accepts new patients from age 1 year through 12 years old who need help for differences in brain function.  These differences may cause difficulties in academics, social relationships or daily functioning.  If a patient’s brain reacts to or processes information differently, we want to help.  This includes Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, stress, Tourette Syndrome, developmental delays, communication challenges and other diagnoses that keep children from meeting their potential.

Michelle Zeanah, MD left general pediatrics practice in 2016 to focus on the children who need her the most.  She is known for her special ability to understand how children see the world and how children think.  This has also proven true with those patients who interact with the world in a different way, like those with autism spectrum disorder or ADHD.  While solving problems “from the inside out” she works closely with families to help patients reach their potential both academically and socially.

Our office has grown to include a group of professionals that includes physicians, physician assistants, a licensed professional counselor, a chronic care manager and a team of applied behavior analysis providers.  Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to solve problems and help families.

If you’re experiencing an emergency contact the Georgia Crisis Line at:
988 or